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Gomez Trading Holland B.V. is always looking for more equipment to expand our stock! Does your company have a truck or trailer which you want to sell? Or are you looking at the possibility to trade the vehicle when making a purchase at Gomez Trading Holland B.V.? Let us know by using the contact form on this page!

It works in three simple steps!

1. Provide our company with as much information on the truck or trailer! It works the best if you ad a detailed description and pictures and/ or drawings of the equipment! This will help our company to make a good offer for the equipment.

2. A co-worker of Gomez Trading Holland B.V. will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the equipment with you.

3. After discussing the equipment with you, we will make an appointment to come inspect the equipment at your location!

It is also possible to contact us through WhatsApp.
You can for example send videos of the equipment which you want to offer through WhatsApp. You can contact us by clicking the WhatsApp button below!


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